Change of Date – Halifax Junior League Presentation January 2019


I regret to inform you that the Junior League Presentation scheduled for the 21st September has had to be moved to Friday 18th January 2019.

This is due to “The Venue” double booking the Junior League Presentation with a wedding. It appears a member of staff, who has since departed, has committed this serious booking error. I can confirm that we, as a league, have done all our due diligence and were confident this had been booked with e-mail and text confirmation.

As such we have had to make a decision regarding the evening. We considered the following options:

  1. Move the event to another venue with similar facilities possibly on the 21st September.
  2. Maintain the venue but on another night.

Option 1 gave us the flexibility to maintain or change the date but also attracted issues regarding equipment hire. The only venues large enough that we considered were the Shay, Bertie’s Banqueting Rooms and the Arches.

The Shay have confirmed that they have bookings on that night so cannot accommodate.

Berties Banqueting only held 200 seated and whilst the venue itself was nice the fear was this would be a squeeze alongside any other people standing.

The Arches gave us the best alternative venue at Dean Clough Mills offering something similar to “The Venue” in terms of style and ambiance. The only downside would be the cost. This was coming in at £500.00 and we felt was too steep when we get “The Venue” free of charge.

We have therefore had to accept Option 2. Whilst we realise this presents issues with delay we have been left with no alternative.

Please can you re-submit your requests for tables with Kirstin at the earliest opportunity.

We apologies for the change but this has unfortunately been taken out of our control and we have to make the best of what is a bad lot.

I will be happy to discuss this with any club representative should they feel they wish to.


Phil Sharples

HCJL Chair

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